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The Most Important Meal of the Day Part 2

Last time I talked about breakfast, I gave you some of my favorite recipes. But as always, there are more. One of the things I love to have for breakfast are breakfast sandwiches. You take a whole wheat english muffin, cut it in half, and put an over hard egg, a slice of cheddar cheese, and a veggie sausage between the slices of bread. It is like an Egg McMuffin, but much healthier and it tastes way better. Another great thing to have for breakfast are pancakes. Trader Joe's has some fantastic buckwheat pancakes that are always a treat. Also, if it is autumn, Trader Joe's has some amazing pumpkin pancakes. At the start of winter, we always buy a ton of them to try and last us until they start selling them again, because they are only sold during the fall. Waffles are also super tasty, and they are great because you can cook a ton of them, and then stick them in the freezer for future meals. They also pair great with yogurt, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, fruit, and other side snacks. Lastly, if you can get some really good bread, french toast is the bomb. If you just use your typical french toast recipe, but have amazing bread, it will taste at least ten times better than usual.

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