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My Journey to Eating Less Meat

Hello, this blog is a little different than usual, but I wanted to share my diet with you. Firstly, I was not vegan or vegetarian or anything like that. While I have been cutting back my meat consumption for the past year and a half or so, I still ate lots of meat. But I finally decided really start cutting back, and the first thing I cut out was red meat. I did not eat pork very often, but I did eat a lot of beef, so that was the hard part. But I did it, and I haven’t eaten any cow or pig since April 24th. With that being a success, I think my next move will be cutting out seafood. This will be hard for me because I live on the coast, so seafood is a large part of my diet, and because the no-meat seafood alternatives are not nearly as good as the fake beef alternatives. I think the last meat I will cut out of my diet is poultry. While I like poultry much less than most other meats, and I would be willing to cut it out today, there aren’t very many great meatless alternatives to it that I’ve had, and it is helpful for me to be able to lean on it a little while I am getting used to not having other meats. That being said, it will go soon. Also, I want to make it clear that I am not going vegan. Eggs are a huge part of my diet and they have been my whole life, and we also get pasture-raised eggs that do not harm the chickens. I am trying to cut out cheese though, as it is the only dairy product I still consume, and I have been successful in lowering my cheese consumption. If I have old photos of great meals with meat I will still post them on my Instagram account, and I still may include meat in my blogs, but not nearly as much as I used to.

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