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Thanksgiving Turkey

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Thanksgiving. The wonderful, joyous holiday that makes people happy the day before they go beat someone up over a half-priced tv. Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays because there are tons of food. Today, I will talk about the main centerpiece: turkey. There are many, delicious ways to cook turkey that will leave you feeling stuffed. The first, traditional way is cooking it in the oven. Set the oven to 350ºF and cook it until the turkey is at 165ºF. The best way to cook it is to put the turkey in a Reynolds Oven Bag and set it on a roasting pan so the turkey keeps all of its juices. The second way, my personal favorite, is to cook a rotisserie turkey. You just put the turkey on a rotisserie and put it over a grill and you are set. Another way is to cook it on a Big Green Egg in a drip pan. The website for the Big Green Egg has a good recipe. Finally, you can deep fry a turkey. My neighbor does it every year and he fills a giant stock pot filled with peanut oil outside over a burner. YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE THE TURKEY IS COMPLETELY THAWED OR IT WILL EXPLODE!!!!!! Watch this video before your Thanksgiving is ruined.

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