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My Favorite Snacks

Snacks. There are a lot of snacks that I love, but I am going to share my favorites with you. My favorite crackers are the Blue Diamond Nut Thin pecan crackers, which are impossible to stop eating after the first cracker. I also love triscuits, and I usually finish off the box pretty quickly. As for chips, my favorite tortilla chips are Tacupeto chips, which are made by a local company and are fantastic. Paired with guacamole and salsa, these are almost unbeatable I also really like Kettle and Ruffles potato chips. Yogurt, cottage cheese, and other similar snacks are also fantastic. Finally, fruit is the best snack of all. Whether it is by itself, drenched in peanut butter, or blended into a smoothie, it is always the healthiest, and usually the tastiest snack there is.

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