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Commercials About Nachos Are Wrong!

Recently, there have been a bunch of nacho commercials on TV, and they are all wrong! These big corporations are making up problems about eating nachos so they can sell you their product.

I am going to start with the Tostitos comercial that is frequently on air now. In the add, two football players are making nachos. Basically, they use Tostitos chips and they dip the nachos in Tostitos queso. First of all, Tostitos aren't the best chips to make nachos with. You need a sturdier, more flavorful chip that will support the weight of the toppings. Also, if you have to dip a nacho in queso after you have put cheese on them, you didn't put nearly enough cheese on at the start. Also, at the end of the commercial, they dip the nachos in some beans, meaning there aren't beans already on the chips, which is a travesty. Lastly, they set the plate of nachos down on the table along with some normal chips that have not been nacho-ed up. If your nachos aren't good enough to be the star of the show, you need a new recipe.

The recipe. Start by taking good chips and putting some refried beans on almost every chip. Then, grate a ton of cheddar cheese onto the nachos, and make sure there is cheese on almost every chip. Then, heat them up in the oven, toaster oven, or microwave if you are lazy. Then you add the other stuff. Put a scoop of guac, a scoop of sour cream (optional), a scoop of salsa or pico de gallo. You can also put jalapeños on the chips, before or after you heat them up. You can also add other things to your liking like onions. If you want it to be super dirty, you can add the meat of your choosing before melting the cheese. Once you are satisfied with your dish, dig in.

The other commercial I will talk about today is a Taco Bell commercial. It starts with a shot of some horrible nachos. The chips look thin and nasty and instead of high quality cheese they are using a gross cheese-whiz type thing. Then, the narrator explains the rules of nachos, which are blatantly false. The first rule it that you shouldn't take the fully loaded chips. While you don't want to take them right off the bat, you still want to take them. Also, if you take the time to make sure all of the chips have a pretty similar amount of food, that is not a problem. The next rule in the commercial is don't hog the guac. If there is a problem with hogging the guac, you just need more guac. If there isn't enough, that is on the chef. The last rule is never take the last one. Always take the last one. Taco Bell's rules are for when you want to be polite while eating nachos, which is never the case. Nachos are not fun. Nachos are war. It is a scramble to consume the glorious plate of food before you miss out. While you do still want to have some manners and take it a little slow, nachos are not conversation food.

I hope you learned something today, and if you ever go into marketing, don't make these silly mistakes!

This is a stock photo from Wix and it is a great example of bad nachos. There are lots of empty chips, there is not guac, or avocado the pico de gallo does not look fresh or well mixed, and there are no beans. Do not make these mistakes.

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Taco Bell:

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