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Better Burgers

I have mentioned burgers in some of my previous posts, but I decided they need a post of their own. The classic beef burger is always good, especially when it is all-natural grass fed ground beef. It tastes better and the animals are treated better. I believe beef burgers are best on the grill, but they are still great pan-cooked. Cheddar cheese, avocado, onion, tomato, ketchup, and mustard (and bacon, if you are a bacon person) are good on almost all burgers. Over-medium eggs are also great on burgers. The meatless meat patties that have taken off in the last year are also delicious. They taste almost exactly like meat but they are made of plants. My favorite plant patties are the Grillers Original by Morning Star Farms, as well as Impossible and Beyond Meat patties. Turkey burgers are also great and they are super lean. You can mix barbecue sauce into the patty before you cook it to make the turkey even better. Trader Joe's has some great beefless burgers. They have mahi-mahi burgers, shrimp burgers, and salmon burgers. They are delicious and you can use normal burger toppings. These seafood burgers are even better if you add tartar sauce. There are many different types of burgers, so you just have to try them all.

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