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Beautiful BBQ Part 1

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Food can be so good if it is just slapped on a grill. You can cook almost anything on the grill, from red meat to zucchini. I'm going to start with steak. You can put pretty much any part of a cow on the grill, but I personally love grass-fed NY strip steak. It is great by itself as well as on tacos and salads. Burgers are also great on the grill. Whether it be beef, turkey, or some other burger patty, they are the best on the barbecue. Burgers can taste so different if you put different tings on them. They are like tacos in that sense. Finally, we get to desert. If you take a half a peach and put it flat side down on the grill until it charrs a little, it tastes amazing with a little ice cream in the dent where the pit was.

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